Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mac App Store

Hello my peoples.
I am super duper happy to announce that today is the day.....1/6/11, that those of us who have a Mac but no Ipod, or Ipod touch, or Ipad, we can now download apps on to our Mac. YaY....**cue the hand claps**. So last night I was up at midnight looking in my Itunes for the tab that said Mac, well I never found it and it upset me so badly. This morning I woke up thinking lemme try it again. So I went to and found out that I had to do a software update in order to get the app store. It was really easy too, once the software update is done and you have restarted your computer, you are all set to go. The App store logo is located in your doc and you can now download any app you want. I am so happy and have been waiting for years, even before I purchased my Mac, for Apple to allow you to download from the app store. I give it a few years before they allow PC users to download it as well =). Well I am off to do some downloading
Forever blessed never stressed

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