Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where have I been

Hey ladies, I know it has been a while since I have actually blogged. Lately I have been on reblogging and reading how silly people can be. It's like getting feedback from strangers instantly. I have seriously missed my blogging days on here. But have not had any inspiration to write lately. I guess I have been in a lil slump lately because of having no job, having not enough money to do things I used to love; like shopping, going out when I wanted, and eating in restaurants. I guess you can say I am a lil bit on the given up side slash happy go lucky. I love my life and I am extremely thankful for God seeing me through so many obstacles. I love being loved by all these people. Loving myself even more everyday. Appreciating patience. I think I was never really a patient person and when things don't go my way I usually get so angry and upset. Lately I have learned that I am growing more and more patient. And I feel as though I used to rush things in my life. Now it's more like "whats the rush", when God's plan for me is ready to be , I guess available then I will be ready. Right now I am just not ready for whatever it is God has for me. So patience is key to happiness. I have been patient with my hair, my heart, with people, things, etc; I can go on. I hope that whatever it is you are going through brings you closer to your goals and that if it doesn't work, try try again. Again and Again. Don't give up on yourself. And never give up on God because he is always there for you, even if you mess up really badly.
Thank you all for reading
Forever Blessed

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