Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scre4m review....minus the ending

This is not a spoiler....just my opinion of the movie :)

I'm guessing the whole premise at this point is to make sure Sydney is still relevant but not as a main character. Gail is a writer and so is Sydney. Sydney is in Woodsboro to promote a new movie and Gail is still married to Dewey, who is now the Sheriff. This time around social networking as well as cell phones play a major part in this series. The usual killing happen as well as some hidden agendas of many characters. The most suspicious ones have died and the others, well you know what happens. In all the Scream movies there was a connection to Sydney's mom and her affair. My thing was while watching this movie how to figure out who is connected and why are they killing. Yes I over analyze things but what person doesn't when it comes to these types of movies. You want to know who the killer is and why he or she is doing it. So I won't tell you the ending of this movie but I will say it is very predictable. And at some scenes I felt like they were mocking the older versions of the movie. I heard there may be at least 3 more movies, but in my opinion these are done. No more Scream movies please….LET THEM DIE!!! Go see this movie before you judge. You may like it better than I did. I also saw Limitless with the very sexy Bradley Cooper and Source Code with Jake and those were wayyy better to me than Scre4m, difference in genre but still better.

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