Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tyler Perry Post: Review + TV show

This past week has been about Mr. Perry for me. From the movies to TV, he has made a huggge impact this week alone. First I went to see Madea's Big Happy Family. I must say that movie was so funny. My dad and I were cracking up soooo hard. I mean the twitter #hashtags were all over the movie from "1-800 Choke that hoe" to "Byrannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" lol. Although the critics feel like the movie didn't represent something, it made the number 2 spot in the Box office. I recommend it if you love Tyler or if you need a pick me up. His next movie is called "Good Deeds" where he plays a guy who is about to get married but has some feelings for a single mom. Beverly Johnson and Thandi Newton will also be in this movie.

Now on to TV, Tyler Perry and TBS has announced that House Of Payne has been canceled which is very sad to hear for me because like I said I am a huge fan of Tyler's work. And also him as a person being so giving and sharing his blessing with the world is amazing to me. So last night when I heard that his show was canceled I was sad, but it is syndicated so I guess reruns will have to do. He also announced the new show I had been hearing about for a while, will air on TBS for 10 eps the first season. The show will be based on Marcus and Angela's relationship from "Why did I get married" and "Why did I get married 2". I am hoping Tyler does a drama instead of a comedy, only because it will bring another audience who will grow to love him. The show is called "For better Or for Worse" so stay tuned :)

Hopefully I can keep you all posted on this. And go see Madea's Big Happy Family, even if you saw the play or if ppl have said it was wack. See it for yourself. It will really lift your spirits.

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