Thursday, April 14, 2011

TV talk: Renewals and Cancelleations

Bet's The Game has been renewed for 22 ep!!!

Weeks after The Game ran its season finale episode, we were all left with will they come back. The answer is yes they will!!!! I am soo excited to have learned that Bet's The Game will be back next year with all new episodes; 22 to be exact. This just makes me happy because so many of our shows get canceled and we just let it go. But not this time. With the power of the internet and persistent fans we now have show that is gonna be great and hopefully bring many more seasons of funny moment and dramatic times. Starting in January 2012. As far as location, not sure yet but I'll keep you posted

Let's Stay Together has been renewed for 22 ep!!!

At first I was little not into this show at all. I was really not feeling the whole concept and the writing really didn't get to me. Not until about the 7th episode did I really get into this show. It is so witty and funny to me. I am glad to know that they will be bringing this show because I really want to see what happens after the wedding. This show as well will begin in January 2012.

New show ALERT!!!!!

Malcolm Jamal Warner (The Cosby show) and Tracee Ellis Ross (Girlfriends), will be co-staring as husband and wife in a new comedy called Reed Between the Lines. According to, " The sitcom will feature Ross as Dr. Carla Reed, a busy psychiatrist wife and mother of three juggling a career and hectic home life. Warner plays her English professor spouse. " I have always longed for a Girlfriends reunion show but I guess this may be as close as I get to Joan Clayton. Maybe there might even be some guest appearances from her old cast mates. This show begins in Oct 2011 on BET.

Cancellations :(
I was reading my status updates this morning when I saw that TMZ wrote that ABC has canceled both "One life to Live" and " All my Children" . I personally do not watch soaps anymore but I know a lot of older fans will be very disappointed for such a thing to happen to daytime television. The way things are going with television, viewers want to see more reality stuff than scripted dramas. I guess times have changed.

Well thank you all for reading and enjoy your weekend
Forever blessed and Never stressed

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