Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Vlogging/blogging journey

My Vlogging/blogging journey.

A lot of people don't understand how awesome my job is. I didn't choose this life, or career; it chose me. When I was in college in 2009 I started watching a lot of Youtube videos for projects in school. One day I was recommended a video by Dulce Candy, which I have no idea why because I had only watched music videos before that. I just fell in love with that world of being a guru. I fell for the giltz and the glam side of it, not the actual fact that you have to work hard to get there. I just wanted the free stuff, and money of course. When I finally got my Macbook I felt a part of the club I could make videos now, edit them. I enjoyed making videos at times but something was just missing. Same thing with blogging something was missing. I think it was the love of doing them both, I was just caring about what I could get out of it not who I could help. Then I started writing from my heart and saw how fun it could be to help people, reach people and talk about things that I loved like fashion and beauty.  Not until 2 years later, when I was unemployed that I realized I could really do this as a job and get paid for it.

I did everything on my own. I never contacted a designer or consultant for my website I just did it the way I thought would bring viewers and it worked. I mean I was up to a few hundred viewers a day. Not the much but to me it was a whole lot. But once my internet went out I just couldn't consistently post things like I was before and I lost a lot of views because of it. That made me sad at first but it is what it is. I have learned that I cannot control everything in the universe. I can only move on from there. This dream I will never give it up because it just brings me joy to know I am informing people on things that I love. Or possibly helping someone who may have the same issues I have. I mean what is there not to love about my job. Research, writing, organization and fashion all the things I love to do.
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