Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Shea Butter Mixture recipe pt1

I, like most naturalists love making my own hair and skin products. It not only is a way for me to relax but a great way to know EXACTLY what is in my products.

Not many people can pronounce the words companies put on the ingredient labels, let alone know what the heck they mean without Google's help. Experimenting with butters and oils also help provide you with a clear way of telling what works on your hair and what doesn't. It can be costly to experiment making your own products but is worth it once you find a product that works for you. Some people have even started at home businesses selling home made products, plus did I mention how fun it is to do it. I wouldn't say I will never sell my products but as of today I'll stick to the other things I am really good at. My first Shea Butter mixture made back in 2010 contained the same ingredients I used in the recipe that I'll be sharing today, except my old one contained Veg Gylcerin.

The reason I no longer use this and I try my best to stay away from products that have it in there. I am pretty sure VG has some benefits when used the right way, but right now I am staying far away from it. VG leaves my hair feeling dry, mainly because it is a humectant and unless I planned on spritzing my hair with water every few mins, it basically sucked my hair dry. Measurements are not accurate because I never measure anything, which is why I can't bake. I just pour and mix based on the consistency I like, I try it. If my hair and skin hates it, I discard it or give it away. It took me almost a year of using my first batch to realize it wasn't the Shea Butter but the VG that was drying my hair out. Now I've decided to make another mixture that I'll be using on my skin as well as in my hair. The recipe is as follows:

Shea Butter (golden yellow is the one I use which means it's dyed I know)
Organic Coconut oil
Vitamin E oil
Jojoba oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Olive oil
I hand mixed these ingredients using a handheld whisk, yes my arms are still hurting but I will invest in an electronic one soon.
My plans for this mixture will not be daily because I don't want it to build up, but it makes for a good sealant or scalp conditioner a few times in between washes.
I use this mixture on my skin as well as hair. It makes my skin soft especially when applied right out of the shower.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
PS: Before using any of these products check with your health care physician just in case of an allergic reaction.
PSS: I am not a professional nor do I hold any responsibility for the results or outcome of the public use of this recipe, I am sharing only for entertainment purposes.

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