Friday, November 22, 2013

Its my fiiirst week! And scandal recaps are dead! Maybe ?

So y'all are probably wondering what happened to the Scandal recap from last week and this week. Well first off I must say I hate bloggers who disappear. Like how dare they. Until I became one and well I'm with them now 100%. I'm thinking yea of course ill have mad time to blog at night. But um no. Here's why, the course I'm taking is very time consuming. And until I can do like most busy bloggers do which is download an app that automatically posts your once a day or whatever I can't do the weeklies anymore except on weekends like Sunday. I'm not going to go away for long tho.
Next the scandal recap....okay so I will still do it just can't do it weekly because I'm barely keeping my eyes open at 10 now. I wake up daily at 5:45, out the door by 7:15, at school from 9-2....come home and do my hw. By all that I'm soooo sleepy. But I did see the last to eps. Yall see Olivia's stupid ass go back to Fitz, ugh that women has man issues. But you see her parents aren't the best of role models so how else would she know how she should be with a man. Instead of having sex with different men every episode. She can fix everyone but herself. Her mom isn't dead, but I'm glad Kandi Alexander Plays her mom yay. Quinn is another stupid one who done got herself f"d up. Lol. Huck may torture her next EP she deserves it. And Cyrus has possibly ruined his own marriage. So jacked up. All these grown ass people have good jobs, appear to be intelligent yet their personal lives stink. But ill keep watching lol.
So I will keep you guys updated on school and such. So far so good! We'll see as time progresses.
Thanks so much for reading.

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