Friday, November 8, 2013

Scandal Recap Season 4 ep 6

Last nights episode of Scandal was a little bit too draggy for my taste, but I did watch.

-First we see that Olivia is still trying to piece together that Fitz may have killed her mom. So she goes to the white house to confront Fitz, although they think she came back to work on the campaign. She questions Fitz on #operationremmington and he denies it by saying he doesn't know what she's talking about.

-Josie is now a Pope&Associates client so she and the rest of the gladitors are working on her campaign.

-Sally, VP of the USA, is secretly trying to throw Fitz under the bus so that she can run for president against him.

-Jake, Huck and Liv are still trying to find out more in regards to what really happended with that plane. Jake inquires info from a friend from the past. The friend agrees to help him and meet him later.

-Cyrus has information on a terrorist that was deported years ago, this terrorist some how has links to Harrison and it doesn't look good for him if he comes back to the USA.Cyrus is doing everything in his power to get Liv back even if that means threantening her team.

-Fitz, Milly, and Cyrus are scrambling because Josie is doing well in the polls with Liv as her campaign manager, and some preacher has gone rouge against the presidents infidelity. So they invite over Sally and her Hubby to see if she can do something about the preacher, since she's such a "good Christian". While at dinner Milly notices that Sally's husband is a handsy flirt. They can use this to their advantage.

-Liv is still upset, flashes of her last convo with her mom keep playing in her head. She calls her dad and asks him if he was the one responsible for her death. He says no.

-Quinn is still fascinated with guns so she goes to the range and Charlie comes in and peaks her interest.

-Jake goes to meet the lady about the info regarding the plane, some guy pops up and shoots her in the head and tells Jake to look in her bag. He finds a gun. The man takes him to Fitz. Fitz tells Jake to stop inquiring and that he can no longer protect him from NC-13. Jake leaves the office.

-Quinn reacquaintes herself with Charlie at the gun range . Charlie then makes a phone call to Sid telling him that he has Quinn. Which I'm sure is going to end badly for that gladiators.
-Fitz goes over to Liv 's apartment to ask her again to comeback to his campaign but she says no after he denies knowing about #operationremmington. She also tells him why shes so concerned about the plane, because her mom was on the plane.

This episode was kinda draggy. This is normal during this part of the season so most viewers start to channel surf around this time. I'll keep up my weekly recaps but I do hope it gets a teeny bit better with #mamapope. Her character will refresh things for me.

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