Friday, November 1, 2013

Scandal season 4 episode 5

Last night was Halloween and I was so into all the horror flicks that I kinda forgot about the show. So this recap is going to be short.

- Olivia's new client is played by Lisa Kudrow, who is a possible Democratic candidate running against Fitz. She had a secret child as a teen but she wants to keep it under wraps.
-Liv is doing her end of the contract with her father by going to dinner every Sunday.
-Jake and Huck are trying to spy on Sid to get info on #operationremmington so they are following him, at his house to download his files.
-Meanwhile the team is heading out of town to find out more about the baby Lisa Kudrow put up for adoption, but they find out that she lied and that her mom raised her daughter as her own. Meaning her sister is really her daughter.
-As the Republican party plans to expose the mystery baby, during the Democratic debate Lisa Kudrow announced the truth about her daughter / sister. She fires Olivia for making her tell the truth.
-Everyone heads out to the correspondance dinner, Jake is there with Liv. Liv gets a nod from the Secret Service she assumes its Fitz because they stayed up all night on the phone writing jokes. To Olivia's surprise it was actually Milly asking her to come back to be Fitz's campaign manager. insert cliffhanger here because she doesn't say yes or no.
-Jake gets upset that Liv only used him to see Fitz. And storms out. LIV goes back to her office where Harrison is conversing with Lisa Kudrow. She asks Liv if she'll come back. Liv says no, Harrison says what did you just do. I think she said yes to Milly but we won't find out until next Thursday.
-Jake comes home to see Huck still there. Seems as if he figured out why Fitz detoured to Finland back in the day. Turns out he was there to shoot down a plane that had Liv's mom on it. If this is true I'm sure Sid had his hands in it.

Now here is my review of this episode I'm kinda over Olivia's character being so blinded by love. I pray that no one is like her in real life but there are. I've been there minus the being in love part. But as far as just being plain ol stupid for a man who ain't worth the time. Hope they change that soon. Shonda needs to pull back the desperation just a Tad. But if you have watched and supported Shonda in her career you know that her female characters always have it together professionally but personally they are fucked up.
Ill continue to watch and share.
thanks for reading

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