Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Vision board plus pics

I have been working on this vision board for about 2 years now. It started out small but now has grown to be this humongous. This is fine with me except for the fact it is taking a lot more time to finish than I thought. I guess it's a process. And of course I am enjoying the cutting out of magazines part of it. 

This board does not represent the year that I am in but it represents the state of mind I am in. Goals I want to accomplish someday. I say someday because I have learned that for me it's best to just say if I complete something this year then awesome, but if I don't then o well there is always next. Some may say that crazy to not set deadlines, but I say who cares. I have to live my life for me. I spent a lot of my life living under the pressure to complete something by a certain time and if I didn't then I beat myself up pretty hard about it. Spending days feeling badly about something is a lot worse than not completing a goal. I am going to completely absolutely everything on this board in God's timing. And when I do it will be time to move on to the next vision board. 

Most on the things on my board represent people I admire a lot, relationships I aspire to have, jobs I'd like to do, my faith in God and so many other things. People who are doing what I love to do like write and blogging are such inspirations to me. I'd like to be where they are and better. Having a beautiful relationship someday would also be absolutely awesome. I look at my board everyday. Sometimes I add things, sometimes I subtract things, sometimes I'll remove a picture one day then put it back up the next. It all depends on the way the wind blows that day. 

I hop this blog post inspires you to make a vision board, or a vision book like fellow blogger

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New curly hair product description

I was in the beauty supply store today with my mom. As she was trying to find a really cute hair tie, I started wondering around the store looking for some Let's jam Custard to price that's when I saw this product. I have never ever heard of it, nor have I heard any of the natural hair gurus mention it. So of course I decided to do my own research as to what exactly this product was.

I totally want to try this product.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Oil cleansing process/regimen

Recently I have been watching more youtube videos featuring natural hair gurus. I had to stop for a while because the hair styles, products, and endorsements became to overwhelming for a viewer like me. I love watching videos online about hair products and such, but I do not feel the need for me to be bombarded with a phony interpretation of a hair product. I believe people need to get their paper so they can pay the bills, but that doesn't mean I have to watch their vids. It becomes redundant after a while to watch a person's video that basically appears to be a commercial. I say all that to say I have returned to watching hair vids again. I have found a slew of new people that just love. Like Urban bush babes, heyfranhey, mynaturalsistas. Plus the ones I have been subbed to for years like naptural85, charyjay, simplyyounique, and whoissugar. I love these people as well as many others, too many to name at the moment. So I was watching Heyfranhey for hair regimen tips and saw my recommendation box show a video of her discussing the oil cleansing method. Now I know what you are thinking, and I said the same things "o hell no". I did not want to put oil on my skin because the last time I used oil as a moisturizer (sweet almond oil) I broke out. But she discusses how you can use it as a facial cleanser and moisturizer. Oils are awesome for me because my skin is always dry. Even after I put lotion on them they still remain dry. I just assumed I wasn't putting enough lotion on. Now of course I know that oils are good for my skin. So for 2 weeks I have been using the oil cleansing method as my new facial regimen and here is my version of it.

My oil of choice is Sweet Almond oil for the first two weeks {After a month I am going to switch to Grapeseed oil for the antioxidants that are in there. I'll compare them both in another blog post}

1) I put a dime size amount of oil on my hands, rub my palms together for a few seconds then began to rub the oil on to my face for about 2 mins. I pay close attention to my most problematic area my chin and forehead.

2) After the 2-3 mins of rubbing are over, I either splash my face with warm water (hot water made my face feel tight) or I let the oil stay on my face while I place a warm cloth on it or I place my face over a bowl of steeping hot water for a few mins while the oil is still on my face. I have not noticed that much of a difference from neither of the three choices except that if the water is too hot when place your face over the bowl, the steam may leave your face feeling really tight.

3) Next I rinse of the oil as much as possible with luke warm water although it's more cold than warm. After I feel most of the oil is gone I pat it dry with a cloth that been soaked in cold water or I splash my face a few times with cold water then pat my face with a dry cloth.

And that's it. So far it has been about two weeks and I have only noticed a few blemishes here and there. They only last a day or two then they disappear without the use of benzoyl peroxide. My face is also a lot softer, less dry, and for some reason it is lighter than before. Overall I am pretty happy with the results except I want to be blemish free by next month. If not then I'll move on to a new oil. 

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Friday, January 18, 2013

I am doing awesome!!

Hey readers, I know a lot of you are probably wondering where I have been at for the last few months. I have so many things to say, that I can not bare to put them all in the form of a blog post. I'd much rather make a video about them. But I will say that things are well. My family is doing well, my health is doing good. I mean I can't complain. Thank you all so much for sticking by me on my hiatus. I will be back as soon as I can to update and get back  to business.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did You Get Your Gumball?

This is the truth ya'll