Friday, February 28, 2014

Kinky Hair-Marley Twist Prep Before Application

Hi guys!!! I have decided to do another protective style. Whoooo hoooo. This style is called Marley Twists. Now I am not a professional. Meaning I have no absolute idea what the differences are between Marley Twists and Havana Twists except for the sizing, and maybe the type of hair is basically the only difference.

So I decided to do this protective style months ago but for many reasons I just had to wait. Main reason was time. I am a full time student and most of my weekday schedule consists of: class, HW, sleep. In that order. I just have no energy during the weekdays to do anything. But lately we have had so many snow days back to back. Then I've had some dental surgeries these last few weeks so between not being able to go to class because of health and then the snow days, I was able to make some time. Then there was the money issue. OK OK!! I hear ya'll loud and clear about the packs of Marley hair being only $5.99, but to me that's expensive. Anything after $1.99 is high esp when you have to buy in bulk. And I heard some chicks use upwards of 10 packs. Ya'll know that's like 60 bucks for hair right. You can't compare me to you if all you do is buy hair weaves and wigs because you're saving at 5.99 a pack. This is a bargain for you. But I rarely purchase weaves and wigs anymore because I love my hair. I usually spend most of my money on hair products. Luckily I have a guy who knows a guy with a beauty supply store and BAM free hair for me!!

After I received the hair in the mail from my guy I Googled what to do next. Most people suggested you clean your hair first to avoid itching and irritation. This was the best thing I had ever heard because in the past I have had issues with irritation with synthetic hair.  Here's what I did(out of order):

1) Filled a basin with cold water. I used cold because synthetic hair will probably tangle if the water is too hot.

2)Pour in some ACV of your choice. Some people used shampoo or conditioner; this is up to you.

3) Take the hair out the pack. Leave the rubber band on to decrease the chance of tangling.

4) Place each bundle in the basin trying your best not to tangle the bundles. I put in as many bundles that could fit in my basin.

5) Now carefully swish hair very slow for a second or three. Careful not to tangle the hair. I swished ever few mins until you see this white film. Gross!

6)  Let hair soak for about 10 mins.

7) Remove hair and place some where to dripdry.

After the hair is dry, mine took a day, you can start the twisting!!

Stay Tuned for the next post on how I do my twists, maintenance, upkeep, and styling.
Thanks for reading :)

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