Sunday, February 22, 2015

My favorite protective styles since going perm free in 2010 plus rambles!

I must say that my journey going natural wasn't an easy one because I was 
addicted to straight hair. Like it was pretty bad for a minute during my early twenties because my hair eventually started falling out. And I don't mean gradually I meant I woke up one day to do my hair and noticed the back of my head was bald. I covered it up for as long as I could until a woman at work asked me what was wrong. I was so embarrassed because I didn't think anyone would be looking back there. I don't even know what excuse I made, but I am sure I made up some reason for being bald back there. This was in 2008 and you would think that I would have stopped perming then but I didn't. I eventually was able to afford to get my hair done professionally, instead of the usual $10 doobie I was getting. She gave me some Dr. Miracle stuff that really did help my hair grow in back there. But I also want to count the fact that I was actually beginning to take care of my hair. I was told that you have to treat your hair like you would anything else, you buy food and clothes so put money aside to take care of your hair. And my hair back then was put on the back burner for real. 

Fast forward to 2010 when I decided for the second time not to perm my hair anymore, not for health but for financial reasons. I couldn't afford to keep getting my hair done so I stopped perming in Feb 2010. Then after being afraid to wash my hair I looked up other ways to do my hair with out relaxing, that's when I found the natural hair community. I spent about a week watching videos not realizing this industry was so big. I never knew, outside of Erykah Badu, that people didn't relax their hair. And people that didn't I assumed it was for religious reasons. But finding out that I could go without a perm and be okay with that, it was exciting. I transitioned for about 9 months before big chopping. I had never ever cut so much of my hair off before. But I was free to accept my hair for what ever texture it was. Not!! The first few months after the BC I didn't really have to go out so it wasn't a big deal to not do my hair. But I had a struggle not knowing what to use on my hair. I wore wigs, hats, scarves or just did nothing to it. By the end of 2011 I had began to develop my regimen that worked for me. 

But this post isn't about that, it's about my most protective styles that have gotten me through the times of lazy days!! But saving my hair in the process.

The updo with tucked ends is the best and easiest way to protect your hair and look haute.

My faux marley locs from this past summer were like hell, but work it because it kept me from doing my hair daily.

Bantu knots if not worn too tightly can be a very good way to protect your hair.

I straightened my hair and kept it braided up to prevent breakage.

Rocking the marley twists!

This was an updo with two-strand twists.

Senegalese twists.

Invisible part sew in back in 2011, the last time I had in a sew in weave.

A half wig I wore before my BC but it's a great way to protect your hair either during transition or after.

Well that's all the pictures I could find :) at the moment but I do hope these help you all understand that going natural isn't about wearing your hair one way, it's about being open to many options. Currently I am rocking a marley twist updo which I will keep in for about two-three more weeks. Then when I go on my trip I may do a crochet weave, but we will see what happens.

XO, pynkstarr

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