Sunday, October 16, 2011

Men Office Looks

A few weeks ago a male friend of mine asked me about an ugly sweater at Target. The sweater was argyle with like some black and red and gray colors in it. Cheap polyester. I just hated it all together. It looked kind of looked cheesy to me. Then he goes, "I need a winter sweater" goes and picks up a sweater vest. I cringe when I see a certain type of male wear sweater vests. Not saying they all look horrible but most of them make the wearer look dated or very chandler bing-esque.  I told him that he should go more for quality not prints. Yes prints are okay on a sweater, but I am just not a fan of argyle. So I told him a plain sweater v-neck with a nice dress shirt underneath would look great for work and afterwards. Another guy friend of mine from school asked me about something regarding male clothing. He also suggested I do something on what men should wear for certain occasions. At the time I thought nahh, mostly women read my blog, why would they care about men clothing. But then I thought hey maybe I will post some male clothing suggestions. I used to work for a male clothing store, and one thing I know about most men is that they are simple as can be. And I would usually have to force them into trying on clothing or shoes all the time. Here is a simple everyday, male-office-work-look.
Mens wear

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