Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Unemployed College Grad p3: Self- Assessment

I was reading a magazine the other day and in it they said to do a self assessment. Meaning take a look at all things regarding your career choices. the article focuses on career transition, but I saw it as a way to evaluate what am I not doing right. So here is what I did, I redressed my resume. I took away my old funky design I had on my resume and changed the formatting a little bit. If you can, ask a friend for their professional opinion on your resume just in case you have grammar or spelling errors. Or for current students or recent grad ask your career services adviser. Mine was extremely helpful with this process. Next I started my self-assessment, nothing too major just answer a few questions about myself.  Every time I take those I always get creative jobs. Like hairdresser or fashion…. of course right. So I answered the following questions about myself:

What do I like about myself? 
Do I like working with numbers?
Do I like working with people?
What am I good at?

Then I wrote my potential jobs for those like 20+ options. Very artistic options. Then I wrote yet another list on my dream job wants. 

Salary, Location, Dream Work environment prospective, Type of position I want. I am supposed to also write down my top 10 dream companies to work for. Now the top 10 dream companies may not be hiring right now, but they may offer something where you can make an appointment to visit to ask question about the field. Also maybe you can volunteer or intern there until you find something. This can also fill in the gaps in between work that many companies may ask you about. 

After the updated resume and self assessment I have learned a lot about myself. i hope that this really helps me and everyone else who reads this blog

With Love,

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