Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to make a Fashion Style notebook Part .2

 This is part II of my fashion binder tutorial:

Step 1. Find mags that are inspirational to you and the kind of binder you want to make.

I then put all of my supplies together like my scissors, page protectors, construction paper, markers, colored pencils, etc.

Whatever gets you in the crafty mood. Stickers too!
Each page I do usually has a theme which makes it easier for me to find when i need inspiration for a certain color or a particular style. I can even pull out the page i want whenever I go shopping so I don't have to bring the whole binder with me. The issue is I have run out of mags to use and page protectors. I also need to buy a bigger binder than the one I store them in now only because it is becoming a bit over crowded and my binder is growing into color swatches. The binder also helps me with my sketches. I hope this helps you all. Scraping for as a hobby is so relaxing and therapeutic for me. It takes my mind off of life's problems and tribulations. Thanks so much for reading. Stay tuned for the final project.
p.s. email me some of your scraping ideas starrpynk@yahoo.com

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