Saturday, February 18, 2012

How keep my faith!

I want to help people. 

Okay yes!  I know this already, but how can I do that is the question? I have been feeling like I need to help someone or people for years now but I never pursued that feeling. I never considered this urge to be from God necessarily meaning ministry or testimonial, but being able to help in anyway I could. Now I am stuck with the question of how.

I say when I start my new job to everything now. Literally everything. "I can't be really happy without a JOB". "I love shopping but I can't go without a JOB". "I want to be more organized, but can't be that way without a JOB". Now it's "I really want to help people with all this spare time I have, but I can't get to anywhere to volunteer w/o JOB". Get the sequence here. But just now I was reading Joyce Meyer's daily devotional and she said how everyone can ministry. I guess you can say I had another epiphany this week, and that is to blog more about what I am going through and how I get through certain things. It may not only help me vent on really  tough days where I feel like giving up, but also help others. Show people that think they are the only ones going through a tough time. 

Some of you out there may be going through something very serious at this very moment. You may also be losing your faith. Believe me I have been there. And somedays I am there still. Every once in a while I feel like crap, not wanting to get out of bed to do anything, not wanting to eat or cook (and I loooove to cook). Just no longer enjoying things that used to get me excited. I have to pray to God to get me through it at all times.  It's the love I have from my parents that helps me out a lot. Knowing that people, and my dog, are counting on me to stay strong. And knowing that someday things will be better. Thanking God for the good things I do have everyday. I write down things like that I am thankful for daily and then go back to read them to help me during those tough times. I also try not to always be so tough on myself when I give up. I am my toughest critic, and the worst thing you can do is to get wayy to deep in your head where you start to doubt your faith and doubt yourself. Putting up signs of inspiration everywhere I go helps me a lot. It doesn't have to be a bible verse but anything that keeps you from giving up helps. I also just recently (last few months) have gotten really serious about reading the bible daily. Reading plans help me because I operate when I am scheduled to do something. Having a plan or a goal helps me stay on point a lot more. Even when I forget a day or two or 5, I just pick back up to where I left off and start from that date. 

Things will get better for you and for me. We aren't alone in this time of need. You just have to keep your faith strong. You can do it!

With love,

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