Thursday, September 12, 2013

How I deep condition my hair using Shea Moisture

Please enjoy my video on how I mix it up with products. I have been reading a lot about being cautious with mixing my products because of bacteria. Especially when using water. I only add oils to my conditioners not water. And if I dilute anything with preservatives I only make a little jar of it just for one use. All the things I use in this video are listed in the video description box. First i mix olive oil and deep Treatment Masque in a jar and apply it to my hair vigorously. I left it on for 24 hours, but that's not necessary 30 minutes is fine. If you have a hooded dryer then use it but if you don't like heat and don't have a hooded dryer I make my own heat using a wool hat. Then I place my satin cap over that. I hope this helps! Tell me what you do to mix it up when it comes to natural hair? Thanks so much for watching and reading. I love what I do no matter what. Pynkstarr

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