Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I disagree with Sheryl Underwood but...

I was completely out of the loop when it came to the subject of Sheryl Underwoods comments in regards to natural hair. After reading the comments I, unlike most naturalistahs, tried to put myself in her situation. I have been trying my best to change my views on others opinions of myself or things that affect me personally. It just so happens that I am natural, therefore what she said did offend me. But lots of things that people say about natural hair offends me. This has nothing to do with Sheryl per se, just that WE naturals are always on defense mode because we know what it's like to be natural. We see the stares, feel the awkwardness from family and friends, so I think most of us just take EVERY single comment made about natural hair or curly hair to heart. Now since I have been on my spiritual journey the last few years, I've learned that no matter what a person says to you, it's not about you. Sheryl's views is a personal issue. Now whether or not she feels that it is a deeper rooted issue is up to her. Although her comments offended me, I don't take it too personally because it wasn't personal. Everyone on this earth has an issue with something and most people suppress it temporarily but it eventually comes out, usually in comments. Most people who are new at being expressive with their curly hair at one point in time said some not so nice comments about those naturals. Heck, people who are natural make comments about other people that are natural.

My advice is think before you speak because everyone is watching, thanks to social media. And also don't take everything so dag on serious all the time. Take it with a grain of salt and keep it moving!  ITS REALLY NOT THAT SERIOUS!!

Thanks so much for reading         

~ Pynkstarr

PS: I love me some Sheryl Underwood since the BET's Comicview days. She as a person, to me, just always seemed so genuine. Her story is amazing and if you don't know everything about her, except for seeing her on The Talk then I suggest you google her story before putting your judgement on Sheryl the person, not the star. I only am saying this because of the comments I've read about her in these last few weeks. Some people are starting to attack her personally just because of one mistake she has made.

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