Monday, October 28, 2013

Blogtober 28-#Shop&frisk

Hey y'all.
long time no blog. Okay. Well maybe not that long.
First off id like to say blogtober is almost over. Womp womp. But I do believe this put fire under my bottom to blog at least twice a week. No its not errday but twice is what I can do right now.
Halloween is coming so please be safe trick or treating because people are crazy and get extra around the holidays.
This week is going to be exhausting with all the #shop&frisk talk. If u havent heard this  past week a few african American customers announced a suit they against Barney's the department store for being profiled after spending thousands of dollars in their store. This is very sad this happened but people need to stop being surprised that racism isn't dead. Not justifying what they did but I also have known for year's what stores to go in and where not to go. Case in point I don't shop at Short Hills mall. Most of the stores are too expensive anyway but they also racial profile. They don't even bother asking you if you need assistance they do the "we'll be right with you" thing and then disappear and help the white customers. Here's the solution my brown beautiful people STOP GOING IN STORES THAT FOLLOW YOU!! If before you make a purchase someone is rude, condescending, ignoring you, or just plain mean don't by anything. This isn't the first instance at a highend retail store....unfortunately it won't be the last. Just don't waste your time and money on places that don't want you in their store. More likely than not this is an employee issue not a policy made by the company. Pretty sure these so called "rules" aren't in the hand book. Because I have experience in working in high end stores I know this to be true. Just be aware of asshole behavior when you shop!

Moving on this week my family has so many bdays!! Happy Birthday! To my family and friends! And Happy Birthday to all the Scorpions. Woop woop!

I hope you guys have a safe Halloween!
Thank you for reading!

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