Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY Senegalese Twists + Details on my process

This post was written last year around this time, but it's taken me soooo long to post it because of so many reasons. Please enjoy!!!
I was  supposed to made this post weeks ago, but besides the lack of internet I most recently suffered a head injury. I won't go to far into details of the situation but I'm getting better just neck and back pains now. Anyhoo luckily I make my posts ahead of time and can just copy and paste.

My Senegalese Twists:
I had been thinking about a protective style that would require as little maintenance as possible. Then of course I took to the place I do all my hairstyle shopping, This is where I find my most inspiration, that and blogs. I saw a few people with Senegalese Twists and thought hey I could do that. After looking through some tutorials online I was able to accomplish the hairstyle.

Wash Process:
I used my usual wash process. I finger detangled the day before with EVoo and Coconut oil. Cowashed with Tressemme for curly hair, not sulfate free. After rinsing out my condish I used Cantu Shea butter as my leave in. I decided to blow dry my hair before twisting because I saw a few people do it in their vids and assumed it made your hair more manageable.  I used Dudley's creme press for my heat protectant. This process took about 2 hrs as usual. I decided to wait til the next day to twist my hair because I had put my hair through a lot with the blow dryer.

Twist Process:
It took me about 2 days to do the style. I took multiple breaks of course. It wasn't that hard to get the braid started at first but after an hr my hands got tired. I started with a braid first then the twists. I also decided to use two different colors in my hair just to switch it up a little. Next time I'll twist from the roots but that may take some practice. I plan on leaving the style in for about 3-4 weeks because I know I am gonna miss my own hair and it may frizz up.

Will I do this again?:
Yes, Although the style was time consuming I loved the outcome so it was worth it.

Not sure if it was the brand but the hair did get tangled from time to time.

Products used:
Tresemme for curly hair & Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner & EVOO and Coconut oil <Comb
Duck clips
Sensationnel Braid now Kanekalon Fiber Jumbo braid in colors: 4 (my natural color) and M350/1B (reddish and black mixture)

All of my wash products I already had on had and I did not have to purchase anything but the hair. I used 4 packs of hair (1 pack red + 3 packs brown) they came out to $7.00.

I hope that this post was a help. I haven't had time to edit my video explanation, but stay tuned. 

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