Monday, February 17, 2014

September 2013 Hair Regimen

Yes I know the title says September 2013 and I have changed a few things in my regimen. But this regimen might help someone out so Enjoy!!!

Hey lovelies,

I was just scrolling through my blog today and saw how far I have come since 2009. Not to mention the fact that my blog has not been very consistent, which I am almost sorry for but not only because I just love so many things. LOL. Any hoo I was going over my hair regi's and see that I haven't posted a new one in like 3 years. In three years a lot has changed, one major change is after going completely relaxer-free my hair changed. I have had ups and downs but my major hair issue is moisture, dry hair, and hair retention. I have learned a lot about my hair since my transitional period in 2010 therefore my regimen has changed multiple times through out the years. Not sure if this is a good sign or a bad sign to change your regimen so much, but hey I am human. LOL. So here is my current (by current I mean what I did the last time I washed my hair) hair routine.

My last wash day took a lot longer because I had in mini-twists therefore I had to use water and Coconut Oil to remove my twists. I also finger/wide combed detangled my hair using H2O and Coconut oil. ----This is what most people call a pre-poo

Next I used my ACV mixture on my scalp because it works for the itching I get in the crown of my head. My ingredients are
ACV= 2 parts H2O + 1 part ACV + (optional) honey

The last few times I used shampoo my hair felt frizzy, and I hated it so I went back to my own poo mixture. Those ingredients are 
Poo Mixture= 2 parts water + 1 squirt of Castile Soap ( I use the lavender Dr Bronner's version). 

Next my last two washes I've used Tresemme Naturals conditioner, which I love the way it makes my hair feel.

I made my own deep condition the wash before last, but this time around I ran out of eggs so I used Shea Moisture Deep Treatment masque. I left it on until the next day.

The next day I washed out the DC and decided I wanted to stretch my hair using the tension method, which I have described before in a previous post.

Then I styled my hair in a twist out.

To put it short
1) ACV rinse
2) Poo Mixture
3) Conditioner
4) Deep Conditoner
5) Style

I do this once ever two weeks. I used to wash or co-wash every week but changed that because I felt like my hair was getting so dry when I did. 

Depending on the day I either air dry (most likely) or blow dry (least likely).

I hope this helps someone but like I said I will more than likely in the coming months change it again. 
Thanks so much for reading

Pynkstarr /(*_*)\

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