Sunday, April 27, 2014

Barnes and Nobles Visualization Haul

              Hey my lovely readers. As I sit here listening to some old school 90's, Immature We got It album circa 95. I realized I should share my Barnes and Noble purchase from yesterday. I have been in some serious need of a notebook. But not just any kind of notebook, the experience has to be memorable and the notebook had to motivate me to want to write in it. I love writing. I have over 20 notebooks, that I can find, with notes and dreams from the time I was a kid until adulthood. I've always felt more creative when it came to writing, hence the fact that I blog more than I vlog. So I saw some nice notebooks online from the Jonathan Adler collection at Barnes and Nobles and decided to get one. I went to buy the 4 pack of smaller notebooks (4x7) but I found them to be too small. But I might go back there to pick them because I can find something to put in them. I just hate buying things when I have no purpose for them initially. It's a waste of money. 

             So instead I picked up the journal below. It's called the JRNL Dove Soft Fuchsia. It's (6x8) and has over a 100 sheets of lined paper. Which I needed of course because I'll be using this particular notebook for my visions as well as the notes I pick from the 3 books I am reading now. I really enjoyed the PDF version of Creative Visualiztion by Shakti Gawain so much that I ended up purchasing the actual book to read on the go. I am also still reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and Miracles now by Gabby B. Yes I know these are a lot of books to read at once. But they all in my opinion correlate to one another in the topic of the Law of Attraction. I definitely recommend all of these books especially if you're a very open minded individual like myself. If not then I don't suggest you read them! 

I'm going to try and share some of my notes with you through out the weeks. I say try because some of the things I write are kind of private. But I am going to share what I can. :)

Thank you all so much for embarking on this new exciting journey with me

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