Thursday, April 10, 2014

Manifestation is real!!

Hi ya'll. Omygosh two whole posts in one week. What a shocker. But no seriously I needed to get this out there to share. Isn't that what life's about, sharing. :). So yea for many years, maybe as far back as my childhood, I've "manifested" things into my life. How do I remember this you say? Well every boy I liked as a kid, rarely if ever really liked me back.
So for years I've always wondered like what wrong with me? Am I ugly, am I too short, my boobs are too small, my butt is too small, etc etc. Well as I think back to these moments, every time I liked a boy I'd always think he'd never like me. Every time. There were way more other reasons I'm sure that had nothing to with me at all but about the boy, like he wasn't probably who I thought he was. Or the main reason was God wanted me to focus on school not boys. So yes although I am thankful now that although I was so boy crazy then, I was such a prude when it came to boys.

Another example of "manifesting" was when I probably was about 16 my sister bought me a notebook, pynk of course, and at that time I was going through so much. So I was feeling all kinds of emotions and knew I needed to be doing something. But I felt so lost. I started watching a show call " Starting Over", which saved my life. Featuring Iyanla Vanzant. So they were saying to write things now. I never really done that before. I mean I enjoy taking notes but this was different. So until now maybe 4-5 years ago I didn't think any of those things would come true. Most of them did. The ones I really really thought about the most. Like my college choice. I went to a community college when I was 18. I wanted to be an actress, but another feeling inside of me wanted to be in the fashion industry. So I had this dream that once I became a famous actress I'd do a clothing line and blah blah. Well obviously this never happened. But about 2 years after dropping out of the community college for financial reasons, I began the college of my 1st choice, back when I was 16. I majored in fashion and did a lot of things I never thought I'd do.

Fast forward to years of off and on writing things down and them coming true. I never realized this was happening. Sometimes I'd go back in my old notes and say "o look I did do this or I also did this". Never connected the dots until a youtuber named Shira, whom I've spoken of many many times before on video as well as blogs. But she made a video about a book called "Write it down, make it happen". She spoke on manifestation, writing, visualization. I am like feeding into this but not really at first until she began saying things that she did, that actually happened. Then I said you know what, what's the worst that can happen right.
                           (Let me also go back and say this about me. I guess you can call me a free, spirited, whimsical, women who majority of the time back then I'd catch on to certain things that just didn't sit right. Yet I'd still let that person stay in my life, or stay in a crappy job. Although something just wasn't right. Certain things that jumped out at me that you later become aware of, the older you get, they just become an awakening for me and my purpose in life).

Okay I digress, so at this time of watching her video I had just quit my job for the second time. Ya'll know jobs are like exes, never look back. You don't drive a car looking through the rearview mirror right ??? Well once you let something go from your life, there is always a reason. So I quit my job in August of 2010. I was interning, for $10 a day. But I loved my internship so much. Best job ever! So I had some coins saved plus my father was helping me. I knew I was graduating soon just wasn't sure what I was gonna do for money. So I watch her video and she's like when you want something to be manifested, write it down and it will happen. This video had me soooo pumped up. So I write what I wanted in a job, minus key things like industry, DUH! How could I forget that right? So I put things like pay rate, location had to be close to me house, benefits. Probably a few more things I just can't recall. So a mth goes by and the ending part of my internship ended in disaster. Such a disaster I decided once I graduated from college, with a fashion major, I would NOT be working in the fashion industry. End of Sept I applied for every office job outside of fashion and a week later I was hired.
The job that hired me ended up sucking so I quit after 2 mths and could never figure out why for years.

This was in November 2010. So I began looking in the pynk notebook and as I pick it up a post-it falls out. I'm like ugh what is this. It was my write it down, make it happen note. The one I had written nearly 3 mths before hand, and it had everything on the last that was my job. The job I wrote down I got. Now the fact that it didn't work out I later found out that I didn't listen to my gut. You know that feeling that says it's too good to be true, or God has something better just be patient. Instead I saw money. I mean for the most part the job environment at first was okay. But then all it just became too overwhelming to the point where I had anxiety attacks daily. I was cranky when I came home. I hated the world. I used to go in the bathroom at that job and cry. Until I finally said you know this is just not for me.

Many other things I have also manifested into life, like certain trips I had no idea how I'd pay for them and some how they got paid for. I've always wanted to take a computer course, and now I am taking a computer course. I have so many things I am manifesting now that I'll wait until they come true to share.

Right now though I am looking into more motivational videos, scriptures, people, blogs, books. I've wanted to read a few books. I am taking Shira's vision class, but at my own pace. I haven't yet acquired all of the materials, but when I do I'll come back and let you all know how that's going. There are at least 10 books I want to buy, lol. Unrealistic right. But I will buy the one or rent the one that best serves as a guide to my life's purpose. Just a little nudge here or there doesn't hurt right.

I really hope my sharing helps you all on your journey to your life's purpose.
Thank you for reading or/and sharing this post.

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