Saturday, June 7, 2014

Oh boy it just will not end....Discrimination debate is boring me!

What won't end you say???

The "natural hair debate"...... Which one you say?

LOL, because there are so many, right!

Well the latest, but not really, is the division between what looks better than another....meaning what type looks better than another type. Type? Type of what? Hair type duh.....see how unimportant this topic pretty much is, some you have no idea what the heck I am talking about.

Well let's start from the beginning. When I became natural, I viewed all types of hairstyle videos and blogs. I never saw 2a or 4b until I came across kimmytube, who posted a very detailed video on hair typing. But even after watching this video, circa 2010, I still never saw an actual difference in styling hair. I just assumed natural was kinda all the same. Don't get me wrong I noticed how some folks natural hair curled differently then others but it wasn't a big deal then, and steal really isn't.

So as years have gone by I have noticed that of course I can't do certain things to my hair, not because I actually can't, meaning physically, but I can't because I don't like the way it looks. I have to do certain things to my hair in order to achieve the look I am going for. Which changes just about everyday. Now it took me along to time to 100% enjoy my hair. Enjoying your hair doesn't me after it's styled with products.....I mean after it's been washed and your hair shrinks. I love my hair that way. Meaning I can film videos in that hair, I go outside in public in that hair. I appreciate that hair.

Next thing I'd like to say is I do everything to my hair that I want. Meaning if a 2a hairstyle is what I wanna try, Imma try it. Because guess what if I hate the outcome, I just was my hair. And try something new. IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD BECAUSE YOUR HAIR DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE. :) I say that with love. Because I was there, I used to think it's the end of the world, my hair didn't shrink up like hers nor is it as shiny....nor is it as frizzy as mind. Til this day there are lots of things I can do to my hair that really doesn't look as well as other naturals. But guess what I get over it.

Also I learned that THE INTERNET IS FULL OF LIARS AND STORYTELLERS. Meaning people get paid to feed you a dream. Companies know who to use to get out attention. They know we go for the really really curly ringlets and the smoothed down edges. That will never change. Every culture has discrimintation about something; hair, body. My issue with that is because I am light skin I am told my hair struggle isn't the same. Never knew there was correlation to having kinky hair and being light skin. Huh!! sat what now!! Yes my hair hair texture is kinky, and I work with it the best way I can to make sure it looks how I like it to look. SMH

People can be so ignorant sometimes right.

If you work with your hair and just do it, regardless of hair type then maybe more people will be excepting of themselves as a whole. From head to toe.

(but since we are discussing hair typing I will say I am 4c)

(why say my hair type, welllll I say it because it may help people who follow it religiously know that just because you have "4c" hair you can do what you want)

So I hope the debate ends
But it should because it's such a waste of conversation. It won't really change anything by complaining that one type or a color of skin makes a difference, not saying it doesn't matter at times. But let's stop complaining and do what we want with our hair regardless of how you think others may feel. Because honestly people that don't matter....are just that people who don't matter.

Thanks for enjoying this post.
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