Monday, June 23, 2014

Review: Hit the Floor Season 1 ep 1-6

Soooooo here is another show I have fallen in love with. I know, I know I keep coming back with reviews for different shows. But what can I say I love TV.

So what is Hit the floor?

Hit the floor is almost like a dramatic, yet funny soap opera with a lot of twists and turns. Ahsha, played by Taylour Paige, wants to be a dancer like her mom was back in the day. Which is pretty cool except for the fact that her mom(Kimberly Elise) never really informed her of her many strifes from back then. Such as her dad(Dean Cain) had no idea who she was until her audition, 22 years after her birth. The secret was even kept from Ahsha because her mom felt it was best to leave her dance past, well, in the past. Sloane did drugs, partied all the time, had multiple sex partners, and was messing around with the starter of  the LA Devils, who later became the baby daddy. As you can see this is an absolute good reason to not want your daughter to follow in your footsteps. Ahsha also has a BF named German (Lil J) but I am sure it wont work out because of his insecurities with Ahsha's kinda feelings for Derrick, who is the current lead basketball player for the team she dances for. Get the picture here. 

Other parts of the show include a girl named Mia that we never get to see until episode 6, who used to be a dancer but mysteriously disappeared. We later find out why. 

Then there is my favorite TV mean girl at the moment Jelena, the rival to the new girl Ahsha. She is dating the second best player on the team, but for some reason I keep thinking he's going to come out of the closet because he is hiding something, either that or he has a baby mama somewhere. I like her because she acts so tough but deep down I think she has a pain from something. I guess time will tell right. Raquel has a major baby daddy issue with a basketball agent, and also has feelings for Coach know Ahsha's dad. So that's an awkward conversation your BFF has feelings for your dad. Eww. Kyle she is my second fave because she is just out to get money. She is an absolute hustler. She uses the players, or any man with money to get what she wants from money, to cars to clothes. You name it.

So I am only up to episode 6 and so far so good. 

I can't wait to finish binging on this awesome show. The script is so well written, the direction is great.
Of course I'll be back for more reviews on this show and many shows since I have so much free time now :)

Thanks for reading

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