Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bad Girls Club Season 12, Ep 7---what happened?

So I just got finished watching BGC and this episode, believe it or no was really interesting.

Jayda, who I used to kinda like until this episode, seems to be a lesbian......again. I just think that she just be who ever she wants and stop denying it because of what people say. Playing with her friend's feelings by having her come over and sleep in her bed is very messy. On top of the fact that she snapped on Asyia this week in the limo for no reason.

May I add that all of them have some form of a drinking issue.

Loren who I love, is so boring but in a good way. She stays outta trouble until it's brought to her room. After Jayda snaps on Asyia in the limo, Redd and Britt inform tell her she needs to stand up for herself. Aysia looses her clutch, which I think most drunk people do, they lose everything. LOL. Some how the bullies got Aysia believing that Jayda stole or hid her bag. They argue and somehow Aysia tells Jayda that every one in the house said she took it. Jayda goes in Loren's room saying who said I hid Aysia's bag. Everyone of course looks dumb founded. Some how her and Loren begin fighting.

I say all that to say, Jayda fights for everything. Her OITNB ass needs to chill out. Always saying I am nice person, well guess what nice people don't fight all the time over nonsense. Jayda goes to a hotel for a while. Oh also did I mention that Britt woke up in the middle of the night while her BF was there just to jump in the fight.

Come on Britt. She's beginning to annoy me too because it seems as if her definition of a bad girl is to fight when people piss you off. I wonder if any of these girls have ever had a real job, where they had to be polite in order to keep the benefit package. Hmmmm I doubt it.

The other issue with this episode is Jonica, Diamond, and Aysia love triangle. Jonica sleeps with Aysia every night. But I don't think anything sexual happens, still they both are in outside relationships with other people. This is where Diamond comes into play she thinks her GF Jonica just cuddles with Aysia.....every night......every single night. Puleeze! Aysia some how slips up and tells Diamond's bff that her and Jonica kissed. Jonica gets mad at Aysia like they didn't kiss on national TV. Um really.

That's basically the only interesting thing that happened at the BGC house this week.

Besides the love triangle the show was pretty much a dud.

O well, see ya next week

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