Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What's next for me??

Hey ya'll. I am almost done with my externship. Which is such a weight lifted because now I can begin my journey in tech world. My  goal when I attended school a few months ago were to go to school, get a job in the tech world....then live happily ever after. Well I know that is never the case for me with anything. I think I just like spending money on education. The truth is I have no clue what I am supposed to do with my life. 

The crazy thing is I haven't known what I wanted out of life since I graduated the first time in 2010. I used to want to work in the fashion industry. But then I worked in the fashion industry and realized that this isn't what I thought. And I guess you can say I got scared. I am the kinda person that starts many thing but never completes them. Not because I am lazy, but it's like I get bored very easily. Especially after I am over it, and it takes me a few mins to recognize if I am over it. And that goes for everything including people. Maybe that is something I should work on. 

Let's take vlogging and blogging for example. I complained for 3 years about not having internet. Which was my excuse to not blog, or vlog but now I have the internet and I haven't made the effort to make a video or blog. The main reason I have realized is I don't get much out of it. I mean some people can make videos for mths and not get many views and be okay with it. Me I just don't care enough to make the time to edit a video that no one will watch but 100 people. I know you're probably saying what I already know....which is I am not consistent. I know I am not. I have to feel inspired to do videos and to blog. If not, it feels too forced. And I hate feeling forced to do stuff. Which gives me anxiety. Like right now I want to do a haul because I haven't done one in a while. And I really enjoyed them. But when I think about it, like do people really care about what I bought even if it's cute. Then I said I should do more OOTD. Then I said do people really care. LOL. That's just where I am right now. And I feel like that is ok. I am not really as worried about figuring it out just yet. I am okay with not making consistent postings to social media. But since there are a few people who read and watch I will continue to make more of effort to post more often.

Here are my plans for the remainder of the year. I am just going to go where the wind takes me. And luckily for me I have work experience in just about every major field (tech, sales, and medical) so finding a great career somewhere won't be hard. You have to just believe in what is supposed to be for you will be for you :)!! 

There are so many videos and articles I plan to write and record. I will get around to it. And if not, I am ok with that.


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