Thursday, June 12, 2014

What I think about.....BGC Season 12 so far!

Hey ya'll. As you may know I spend majority of my time watching internet shows and YT videos. Besides writing, reading, and the occasional shopping spree(haul coming soon) I really enjoy a lot of shows. And I am really really happy to be able to catch up on my shows now that I have the internet :)

So here is my semi-review of the hit reality show called Bad Girls Club or BGC. We are now in season 12, which is hilarious because after like 7 I was over it. And I am sure many others were as well. But we sometimes need a little bit of get away from our own life stresses so we turn to things like Maury or BGC. It's more for entertainment then anything for me. But there are sometimes I sit and watch and it becomes redundant to watch grown ass women fight and argue over pointless topics. One popular topic is "who is the baddest bitch"! Now I missed the memo when there was a competition to be a bitch, let alone the baddest.

If this doesn't sound like the kind of show you want to watch, then perhaps this is a post you may want to skip. (I say that with love).

Let's get started.

Season 12 began with it's usual look forward of the many fights and altercation. This had my attention of course.
We meet the house guests:
Jayda-Ex prisoner
Redd-who's sleeping with her sister's man(eww)
Britt-Token white girl that wants everyone to know that she aint scared of them. (BGC has one every year
Aysia-replacement for a another girl who spazzed out on the show producers, and speaks to MJ in her dreams.
Blue-one of my faves because she keeps it real and stays outta the drama
Loren-I love her weave. That's all I really know about her tho lol!
Slim- the model with daddy issues.

The most recent episode was based around their trip to Lake Genva. Which I thought required a plane ride, but isn't too far from Chicago. Redd, Britt and Lo were still bullying Aysia, which I still have no clue why. Blue is apart of the Fab 4, but because she has a thing for Aysia she stays out out the drama. Jayda no longer is feeling Redd's ways of trying to get all the attention all the time. By arguing with Aysia I think it makes Redd feel powerful and liked by the other girls. I love me some Redd because she is funny. But you can tell she has some deep rooted issues with getting attention anyway she can get it. Aysia basically didn't start defending herself until the end of this episode. Finally! I was tired of seeing her get bullied. Lo and Britt talked to Aysia about not liking her but still not into bullying her. Which I guess I get, but not really. Looks like Redd is on her own. And I almost forgot Jayda got punched in the face by Redd, who is way bigger than her. Which isn't fair but what ever. She should've expected it from someone like Redd.

They went on an obstacle course which Redd behaved like a child the whole time. Complaining about everything. Luckily everyone else who hates each other were able to get along for the cause.
Over all I enjoyed this episode. It was hilarious. Can't wait for next week. The therapists comes back.

See ya next post

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