Thursday, April 2, 2015

My planner was waiting for me at the doe!!

O my!!
 My planner came to me on a Monday

I was very impatient seeing everyone get there planners or post their weekly spreads but I just had to relax, relate and release!! I went away for the weekend and ended up not really worrying about my planner. By the time I came home it was waiting for me!! I couldn't wait to open it and begin planning because I was soooo inspired by all of the groups. Plus I had made so many purchases for planner supplies that all I could think about was decorating my planner. The thing is once I got it in my hands I was sort of stuck as to what to do. It's been a few days and I am still kind of stuck.
 But I'll get to decor soon!! Here are some pics of my actual planner.

These are my monthly tabs. Colors aren't the greatest but I really like that they aren't so bright. Also I will have this planner for 16 months so I have plenty of time to change it!

I added 3 extras: 10 pgs To-do, 20 pgs checklists, and 10 pgs notes. I planned on using these for some blogger stuff. PPP has a blogging extra but that was about 13 pages of will I use this or that so I said I can make my own blogger pages!

My back cover

Measurement of the thickness of my planner.

Measurement of the width of my planner

Just a few things I have made a tassel and paper clips!

So my goal is to save as much money as possible by printing stickers and just gluing or taping them to my planner. The reason being is because planner anything, scrapbook anything is just too overly priced for me. I just can't afford to buy stickers every other day or months or what ever. Unless I go to Joann's or Michael's or Walmart because they have a dollar section. I just refuse to pay tons of money in shipping for stuff I can make on my own. So with that being said some things I will have made at Staples. And others I will print on my own. 

Month at a glance filled with washi, stickers I printed or purchased for $1. Or just old stickers from more than 10 years ago that I never threw away....yay. 

Midweek is something I am proud of because it's not too cluttered. It's really just right for my first week. Also I don't have a theme for every week or an inspiration for what colors to use I just went crazy! lol. I am almost done with next week. Well I am really almost finished with April but I think I just might wait because spring break is almost over and who knows how much HW I will have. By decorating too early I may not have room...yada yada yada! LOL. Well that's all, follow my planner IG page @pynkstarrheartsplanning. Thanks so much for reading and sharing!!

XO, Pynkstarr!!

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