Sunday, April 19, 2015

What's in my travel toiletries bag!!

Hiiiiiiii!! I mentioned a few posts ago about a trip I took on a train, well I took the trip by train....wait am I saying that correctly. Either way the train ride is very very long and I needed to make sure I had everything. Not just things for the train ride but also for the hotel, which can be a hassle at times. I never check anything because it just would cost too much money and I always fear I'd need something from my bag. You are allowed to take two bags on the train, so I have one carry-on size luggage and my shoulder bag that I stored my laptop in. Also in this bag is my toiletries bag and some snacks for the longgg ride.

First up is my toiletries bag that I only paid .99 for at a thrift store :). 

This bag is from a Lancome makeup kit, it's a vinyl material so I was able to clean. And it's so bright and vibrant that I had to get it because the one I was using seemed to be shrinking. With everything I can fit in here plus I have room to grow!! 

These are some essentials I can show you, excluding some feminine stuff, wash cloth, tooth brush, and a few hair products. As you all can see I am a germaphobe who needs to wipe counters and spray Lysol to feel safe. The bathrooms at the hotels are usually clean but you never really know. And as far as the train is concerned, with 100s of people in and out of them you never know what germ is running rapid in there. My tip is to be careful and use sanitizer through out the train ride just to be safe.
If you are not taking a long trip, there may be no need for all of these things but I highly recommend them for an overnight trip on a train. 

My next post will be on Wednesday :) ....hmmm maybe some planner stuff are involved :p

XO Pynkstarr

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