Sunday, April 26, 2015

I heart coconut Oil!

I'm in love with the coco!! Lol!! No seriously guys, I really love coconut oil. And I use it for everything too.  From skin, to hair, to food, it's like one of those things you can use for everything.
Years ago when I first purchased it, it was through and it was only for my hair. Fast forward a a year or two, yes that's how long that jar lasted until I found other uses for it. I also love the way it smells, Dr.Bronner's coconut oil has the best smell. I spoke about it a few years ago in a post. Also it's cost friendly, instead of buying a shaving cream, lotion, and hair product you can use it for all of those things and save money.

How I use it on my skin?
*Body Oil*
*Make up Remover*
*Facial Moisturizer*
*Foot bath*
*Mixed with coffee grounds as facial or foot scrub*
(now this doesn't mean anti perspiring so you will sweat it off and it mat not be pleasant, but I believe you can mix it with natural items get a better result like baking soda or tea tree oil.)
*Lip balm*
*Eyebrow shiner*
*Irritated nostrils during those sniffly days*
*After shave*

How I use it in my hair?
*LOC method*
*Scalp massager*
*Great detangler*
*Deep conditioner*

How I use it for food?
*Some people put in their tea, or coffee. In which I be trying this soon*
*Oil rinsing, okay you aren't swallowing but it's in your mouth so same thing*

Easiest way for me to use coconut oil on my skin is to let it turn to liquid and pour it into a disposable spray bottle. I use a 2oz bottle because it's small enough for travel and easy to hold while in the shower. Also I use different jars for cooking than the ones I use for my body/hair for obvious reasons.
 I just really love coconut oil! And this is just a smidge of the ways to use it!!

Thanks so much for reading. See ya soon!!
XO, Pynkstarr

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