Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Planner update! Michaels planner haul, decor!

Wow a blog post on a Wednesday!! I am shocked too but I wanted to share some planner stuff from the last few weeks. Well first things first, my planner for these last few weeks haven't been too decorated for many reasons. One being that I am back in school and my Homework has consumed me and my planner. Then there is the time factor of me not having the time to really decorate the way I'd love to. It's not a big deal to not decorate because everyone uses their planner in their own way. Some people have time and space to decorate, and I have more time than space. I am currently trying to implement the use of post-its into my planner, along with my white board to write down my HW assignments. Check out last weeks spread!

I used my planner to write my DB assignments since they are most important every week. And I like to remember what I did every week since my professors always erases them, I at least like to see the question. Then to write certain assignments in detail I used the post it notes and stuck them in the planner. The week before that it didn't go so well, I tried to write all of my assignments in detail for all 4 of my classes and that was just too messy. I just need more space. I could always buy another planner just for school and do more details or I could just keep it the way it is. So many little time.

Now on to the haul
I will admit that planning, for a short time, consumed my life...sorta. I spent entirely too much time trying to be someone I wasn't, pretty deep right? No seriously, I was obsessed with buying stuff because it was on sale, to feel apart of the #planningcommunity. But here is the thing, it wasn't really that big of a deal to get the latest washi, or to spend money I really don't have. If I can't afford then O well, there will be other sales. Unfortunately, I didn't have this realization until after going crazy to make the Michael's haul. I had such a horrible experience there too, that's another reason for my break from planner shopping. But I made it there in time to use my 60% off on their Recollections brand and I picked up a few washi and stickers.

They also had paper pads for 5 bucks :D!! Don't get me wrong Michaels is a great place for planner supplies, but the communication just isn't for me. I didn't receive much help, and because I was questioning the coupons and sales I was left with attitude. I used to work in retail so I know it's frustrating at times but I am a big advocate of the "if you hate people, don't work in retail" club. No I don't hate people, but I can't deal with them in a customer to sales person basis. It wasn't for me, and still isn't. And I also was never rude or rolled my eyes towards a customer who misunderstood a sign or whatever. Either way, Michaels has tons of consumers so I am sure they won't miss me for a few months or years. :) 

Well, that is all folks! Make sure to check out my planning IG: @pynkstarrheartsplanning where I show more planner details. 

Thanks for reading,
Xo, Pynkstarr

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