Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dry natural hair and what I am watching!

I honestly can not describe how dry my hair was the other day. I feel this is the driest I have ever felt my hair to be, esp after just 2 days AFTER washing it. I still can't understand why it felt the way it did. 

This is what I did to my hair days prior, I deep conditioned using a DIY method for about an hr or two. Rinsed it as thoroughly as possible before cowashing. I rinsed that out as well as possible before styling my hair. I used the same products but this time I didn't bantu knot, I just twisted up my hair. Well my hair went dry, like so dry. The picture is only 2 days after washing my hair. 

On Thursday I decided to try something different by purchasing a new product called Eden body Works All Natural Hair Masque. I went to get Shea Moisture deep conditioner but 12.00 was something I was looking forward to spending. 

I posted a live video on my youtube channel, Describing my hair and this product a little bit more.

This sample pack was only $2.59

Okay so I separated my hair into sections

And left on my hair for more than the 15 mins they suggested, more like an hr. I rinsed and this time I shampooed before I cowashed my hair. Once all was rinsed out I let my hair air dry for about half an hr. I started doing homework and sort of forgot about it. I then styled my hair using the LOC method and flat twisted it until the next day.

Later that day, I went out in the sun for a few hours and walked a lot. I was in a hot church and then endured more sun. But my hair wasn't dry at all, it felt fine.

Then the next day my hair felt so dry again. So I don't know what the heck is happening except that maybe I need do a protective style for a few weeks and see how that works out. I may do box braids or jumbo twists or even try faux locs again. Anything to avoid this dryness that is going on with my hair. The weather could be it or maybe the products I use are no longer working out for me. Either way I will figure it!

What am I watching?!

My TV situation has been crazy these last few weeks because school is literally over taking me. I just don't have the time to spare to watch reality TV or regular TV shows. The easiest way is sometimes I can watch things on Hulu, but I think I am going to cancel that for next month because it really isn't worth it. But I do watch a few different shows like Rupaul's Drag Race, Orange is the New Black, The Game, Braxtons Family Values, and Big Brother will be starting soon and yep I will be watching that too. 

I think that there are sooooo many shows I can't even catch up on all of them. Just recently I found out that Sisterhood of Hip Hop was back on Oxygen so I am going to check that out. Orange is the new Black is back with Season 3 so yay! And lastly The haves and have nots will be back for another season this month. The other day I was able to catch up to the season finale and OMG! Veronica is crazy ya'll. So I know this season is going to be bomb!

Well thanks for reading. I will be back for a few TV shows reviews and recaps like OITNB. That should be fun!!!

XO, Pynkstarr

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