Sunday, June 21, 2015

Final week of school!!! Living in the NOW!

Oh My Gosh!! 

Too excited for being able to relax my brain just a bit for my break for school. I still have about 3-4 terms left before I graduate, which seems like a short amount of time but it'll go by so super fast.

I have been having an issue living in the NOW, meaning not focusing on yesterday or the future, which I do ALOT! But after doing some soul searching, finishing up my Residing in Abundance course, I have come to realize that NOW is what's happening. The past has happened so I can't change that. And the future hasn't happened yet so worrying about it constantly won't really fix it. Somethings are really out of my control and I need to understand that fully. Butttt I do know that now, or at least I am working on it. :) I have been writing and praying. I am now beginning to meditate daily as well, so hard for me to do but I am doing it. 5mins a day is what my life coach suggested and it's working. 

Other than that I am still into planning!! I really love my Plum Paper Planner so much because I can see what I did, how I decorated weeks ago etc. I really enjoy doing it.

Here is my last week's rainbow theme! I have seen so many examples that inspired me to try it out and well here it is!!

This week's theme is inspired by MJ so I chose black and red!!

It looks orange but it really is red! 

I just want to relax and take a break! But I will post a hair update this week when I get a chance. 

Thanks for reading


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