Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My umpteenth wash n go experience!

After watching so many videos this week, I kinda of wanted to try a wash n go style again :O!! I know??! Why would I do that again after trying it multiple times in the past and failing at it. But I come to realize it doesn't hurt to try again, plus if it comes out bad I could just wash it out.

I washed using my usual routine; Deep Condish, CoWash, Rinse! 

Then used the same styling products I always use; Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk, Olive Oil, water. 

After rinsing and applying styling products I wanted to experiment with gels; Curls Goddess Curls v. EcoStyler Gel

First I tried Goddess curls, it didn't define my hair at all :/

Then I tried my Eco Styler gel, and I loveddddd it. It really defined my hair a lot more than the other gel did esp. after blow drying just a little bit!

The above picture is when I was finished applying the gel. 

This picture is after I used the blow dryer just a little bit, still damp.

This is two days later, completely dry. I hair doesn't feel crunchy and is very shiny, just not as glossy as I hoped for. Which isn't about what I did it's about what I probably didn't do, like use the right products. So I am going to look for a few other gel products that might work in defining my curls like Kinky Curly or Camille Rose.

My hair isn't dry but it definitely has shrinkage which is something I am going to work on for next time I do a Wash n Go style. 

Overall I like the way it came out compared to my other attempts but I am not ready to show a tutorial yet because I want to master a routine first. I will wash my hair again in a few days and try my wash and go technique again or do mini twists. I will share that since now I have time to do it !!! 

I hope this post was helpful to those who hate doing this style!

XO, Pynkstarr

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