Sunday, August 28, 2011

My new blog schedule!!

Hey yall,

I have decided to come up with a schedule for my blog. More like a possible schedule. I don't like come to you all once in a while then all of sudden leaving for days then I come back. That is not the kind of website I want to host. So here is my thing. I want to blog on these days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. These days work great for me for right now because I happen to have lots of time on my hands right now. For now that is the schedule. So here is what I am looking at:
Tuesdays: Fashion news and Celeb news
Thursday: My outfits of the day!! + whatever interests me for the week :)
Saturdays: Fashion StarrStyler of the week!!
I can only pray for the most amazing posts to come from here on out on this site. I love my readers and want to make the best effort to bring you what you want to read.

Feel free to email me at: for any suggestions or business inquiries.

See ya!

With Love,

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