Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reality Mealting Pot: Jersey Shore, BBwives, BGc

I have watched a lot of shows over the weekend and must say they were all crazy as usual. Only show I didn't watch was The ultimate Merger. I'll watch that soooner or later no rush. But I did catch the Jersey Shore, BGC, and BB wives.

First up is BGC. These girls are already crazy. I am not surprised at all tho. I like them for the most part and cannot wait to see the next eps, but I am getting kinda annoyed with all the fighting all the time on these shows.

Judi has become friends with this voodoo doll, which is rather creepy. At first she seemed cool, but then she turned into a pyscho lady who drops names of rather irrelevant Shawty lo really. Natasha, Pricella and the other black chick go to the house to meet up with the others; Shelly the lesbian, Tasha from MIA, then that girl from the bronx. They all go out and that leads to some drama. Judy kisses a guy and Shelly gets upset like why come out with girls if you are gonna leave use for a dude. She was just made because she wasn't getting any attention. Back at the house there are just huge arguments. Everyone seems drunk by this point. They all basically gang up on Judi, Judi spits on their pizza and then tell them about it. They fight some more and then Judi calls Shelly some type of racial slur which pisses her off. So Tasha, Priscella and Shelly have to leave and Judi messes up Tasha's bed thinking it was Shelly's. So far I am over it on these kind of reality shows. I will continue to watch BGC but I will not blog about it. So a waste of typing. Watch at your own discretion.

BBwives was extremely draggy this episode. I think because there were no fights or arguments involved. Royce goes out with big mouth Susie to tell her about Eric's movie. Susie tells Jen of course, making Jen dislike Royce again. Eric meets with Royce to tell her about the movie. Tami meets with Jenn to tell her to meet with Royce to discuss the movie issue and Eric. Susie and Jen wait for Royce to show up to brunch when Jen decides I will not put up with Royce and her Twitter shenanigans so she leaves Susie to wait for Royce. Royce gets there and is surprised to see Jen left. I mean of course she leaves, Evelyn isn't there. Tonight's ep will be sooo juicy because Eric throws a drink in Jen's face. And says her REAL age. This should be interesting.

Jersey Shore, well it is the Jersey Shore. Snooki and Denna are still clumsy. Snooki has a new boo named Gionni. But she hooked up with the Situation mths ago. Ronnie and Sam are so awkward around each other that you just know they will hook up soon on the show. I hope not tho. Vinny and Pauly are still the goof balls of the bunch. Is it just me or did J-Woww loose a lot of weight. Italy is soo beautiful and gorgeous. I can not wait to visit. This season will be soooo dramatic. YAY!

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