Saturday, August 6, 2011

Turkey burger

My wonderful version of the turkey burger. I don't eat beef burgers really, unless it is like McDonalds or a diner. When I am home, I only use ground turkey meat for things like spaghetti, lasagna, or turkey burgers. Any hoo I recently switched from the already made turkey burgers to handmade. And I must say they are sooooo yummy.

I use half of the family size package of ground turkey this made about 5 burgers for me. I don't use that much. I mean I like burgers but not that much meat. In the burger is chopped and diced onions and peppers, seasoning, and BBQ sauce. I make my own BBQ sauce but you can use a store bought one. I fry my patties for about a 1/2 hour. I like everything well done. But most people follow the packaging to a T.

As I wait on the burgers to finish, I cut up more onions and peppers to be placed on top of my burger fried; I love onions and peppers. Slice my toms and lets. As far as bread, I use regular burger buns or tortillas to make a quesadilla burger. Once my burger is done I place the fried onions and peppers on the burger and then my cheese. HMMM HHMMMMM HMMMM. That is all I can really say. The burgers just taste so amazing. Add pickles and fries if you like. Maybe some cole slaw too.

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