Friday, August 26, 2011

What is the dish on Big Brother? and all comp shows

I don't know abo0ut ya'll but I have watched BigBrother since the season with Janelle. So I guess like 5-6 yrs now. Every year they upset me and send someone home I love or bring someone back I hated. This year, like last year they brought back Brendon because of "America's" vote. To me it was just a little weird. I say weird because if you watch the show you will know that he and Rachel are like the meanest most annoying couple on TV. Why would America vote to bring him back. Also last summer "America" did the same thing. Makes me think something shady is going on with CBS and the actual show. So I stopped watching it. Then when Daniele nominted him again I watched it again. Then the other day Jeff put up the only African American on the show, which by the way he cursed out and talked to like crap like 3 weeks ago. Not saying it was a racial move but definitely a sexist thing. Jeff in my opinion speaks to most women on that show like he is the almighty man. Anyhoo Kalia won the HOH comp last night and since it was dbl eviction Jeff's ass was out. HAHAHA. Now Porshe is the new HOH. Which means Kalia is safe. I love comp shows but sometimes they are like so predictable as to who will win and who will not. Dancing with the Stars, or Survivor, all those kinds of shows are just wayyyy too predictable. But for now I will continue to watch. :)

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