Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Video: I waxed my lip!!! Review and demo

Hey alllllll

The video below is the first and last time I waxed my own lip. I've never ever waxed anything except for my eyebrow, and someone else always did it. But I am a cheapie so last year around this time I purchased this wax by Family Dollar. Family Dollar is a store that sells everything from candy to lip wax. 

Now I am not sure if it's a crappy product because it's cheap, or I just did a horrible job at it. I say that because I didn't see any hair removal lol. It hurt like heck for basically no reason. 

I always buy comparable products because sometimes they really work just as goood as the actual product but this wax just didn't do what I am sure the Sally Hansen version would have done. 

It came with 36 wax strips but since there are two cellophane strips stuck together it's really half of that. It's like when you get a box of little debbie or pop tarts, they say it's 16 but technically it's only 8 because there are two per pack. 

You warm the wax up in between your palms, then separate the strips and wax the area of your choice. Once done I had to use baby oil to remove the left over wax. I think I am brave enough to get the wax warmer bowl and try eyebrow waxing next. 

I'll keep you posted!!!

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