Thursday, August 19, 2010

Natural versus relaxed....

So the other day I woke up around 10am and read an article on this lady who said the n-word on national radio. I decided lets do a video right away, you know get it out there. Well little did I know the first comment about I got was about my hair. Are you natural and what happened to your pretty hair. I mean is the natural look not pretty anymore. Do we need a reason to go natural. Why does being pretty have to mean straight hair. These were all my questions to myself. I simply explained that no I am not going natural, but now that I have thought about maybe I should. Before I started YT I was unrelaxed but I did straighten my hair all the time. And after I cared less about my hair it started falling out. So then I started wearing wigs, then sew ins, back to wigs. Before I knew it my hair was basically broken so badly. I said never again will I be a natural. But since May I have not touched up. Instead I've just been washing and going.

My hair journey has been just that, a journey, so I have vowed to do what makes me comfortable.
Whether that's natural or relaxed or weaves and wigs, how ever or what ever I feel comfy in, will be my 'do....which by the way changes. Below are some pics of where my hair has been and where it is today :)
Forever blessed and never stressed!

Straightened 'do

Sew in

Blonde sew-in

Pink and black wig!!


First Wash and go

Look at this big mass and growing :)

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