Sunday, August 1, 2010

Casadei-Saturn peep toe Sandal

Hey Starrz ☆☆, how's your weekend. Good I hope. Mine is alright. Yesterday was my last day at on of my jobs. I'll miss the people but that's it. Anyhoo this blog isnt about that. Its about a shoe company called Casadei. I found them in my new US weekly. Yes I am a gossip rag buyer....its entertaining. LOL -___- well I love these shoes but there is no way i'll pay this kind of money for them, But I can appreciate the styling and the merchandising of this product. This shoe can be found at for $840.00. I guess if you can afford them, more power to ya, but if your like me you can just stare at them and then at your wallet then back at the shoes and then back at your Hope you enjoyed this post and check me out on and my YT

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