Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm graduating!!! Check list!

Hellurr out there in Blogger land!!
I am Graduating in less than three weeks. YAY!!. I'm so happy and proud of myself it's crazy. Unfortunately I never got to walk down the aisle at my HS, so this will the first time in a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time. At first I was saying I'm not going to walk in the Spring, but then I said you know what I've earned it. I have worked so hard to get where I am, and still have a long way to go. After I am done with school this summer and my internship is done, WHAT will I DO with my life. What do you do? All I am trained to do is go to school or work, and not doing either is very scary. But I know God has a plan for me. The thing I have to do is wait for Him to provide with the tools, and use them to start my career.

But while I'm waiting I have established a checklist of things I do need for my future career path:

Suit separates/skirts/pants
Very important if you plan on working in the corporate world. You will look very professional if you show up to an interview in a suit. The colors that are the safest are black, dark blue, or gray. Once you get the job, you can ask or watch what other are wearing to alternate your looks.

When in doubt choose a light blush color to wear under a suit or blazer. During your first month at a new job you wanna stand out but not for being so bright. Some companies find it untraditional to dress in other colors than black and white. Then some companies find it ok to wear gray or blush. TIP: Best way to see what to wear at a new job is to look at the other employee's attire.

A nice Blazer
Its easier when you can mix and match your attire. Blazers can go with suit pants of skirts.

Trousers and Chinos
These are versatile and also can be mixed and matched. Some jobs have casual Fridays

Topshop School bag
Can be used for papers or for when I go back to school next spring.

These are just a few items and tips that are very important when starting a new life in the "corporate world". Nothing is wrong with you if your thinking "what if I don't want to work in the corporate world". Most people don't work in that world, but if you plan on making a career change or need ideas for how to look more professional these are just some tips. Why not buy a suit. It is one of the greatest investments to make as your new career is starting. Its more about the Quality not Quantity. You do NOT have to have 5 suits. You need only ONE suit and LOTS of accessories. And you can mix and match with blouses. Don't spend all of your first pay check on clothes, instead Invest your money else where like 401 K or charity. And my last advice is to Experiment with looks. No matter what don't think too hard about what your wearing and instead relax, relate, and
Forever Blessed & Never Stressed

*pics from lord and taylor, and topshop website


  1. The thought of graduating terrifies me but luckily i have 4 more years till then. Good luck with the future. x

    The choice are gorgeous. That topshop bag is calling out to me!

    check out my blog and if you like it, i would appreciate a follow.

  2. Yes Topshop is where I need to be for this fall....but I am a little scared but I'm 22 so it's about that

  3. Love this checklist.. I graduate soon so I need this stuff too. But I need money first. LoL