Thursday, August 5, 2010

love the way you lie-Ri-ri and Em**plus update

Hey ya'll, so the weekend is near and as usual I won't be doing anything. Hopefully ya'll enjoy urs and be safe. Ok a few things in this blog....lets call it the bipolar blog.

First, I will def be posting a new video every weekend. No matter what it is. I'm posting something, even if it's old. I was going to do SAT and SUN but thats to much for me right now. So instead it'll be either one of those days.

Second, my life is going so well. PPL put God first....nuff said

Lastly, just saw the Love the way you lie video by Em and Ri-Ri. Now I am biased for two reasons. Number 1 being I love Ri-Ri so many things she does I'm gonna love it no matter what. Numero 2 I used to be fan of Em's too but tapes got released of him saying some very racial stuff about black gurls that I will never let go.

But all and all I loved this video very, dark, and sad. But that's his life. And Ri-Ri's old one. Hopefully it does well on whatever TV music channel that's out now...I miss TRL....awww good times.

Anty whoo thanks for reading and check out my vids...some are funny some aren't..
Here are some pics too ;)

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