Thursday, August 12, 2010

BGC 4 yikes. . .Fantasia. . .T.O./ Terrell show. . .Hollywood issue

. . .is all I can say about the second episode. This show is a train wreck waiting to happen. Very embaressing to the female species. Well most of them. My fave is fab Morgan and Kia (I think thats her name. Anyway they are all full of drama and fights. Can't wait to next weeks episode.

Next up is Fantasia allegedly tried to kill herself this week. WTF. is all I can say about that.

Then we have sexy ass full of ish men on the line. Mr 85 and T.O. Ok I love them but 85 is feeding these ladies gravee and T.O. cries to damn much on his show. Stop!!

Lastly there is a Hollywood issue out featuring my gurl Kyla Pratt. A whole bunch of others too. But Kyla is someone who inspired me to be an actress back in the day. Her and Lizzie McGuire. Anyhoo what does this have to do with fashion or shoes. I'll tell you not a damn On that note enjoy ur weekend and always put God first in your decisions.



  1. thankz for your comment u are very pretty xx

  2. OMG I agree!! I can't believe Fantasia seriously tried to....that is just too much for me. And TO be ACTINGGGG SOMETHING SERIOUS on his show! Geez, it is so sad, isn't it supposed to be reality tv?? lol. Ochocinco is so sexy but his show is so boring to me, I don't even watch it anymore lol.

    You have a really nice blog girl!!

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  3. @Haidée your welcome and thanks so much.

    @dee will def check out your blog.Yes poor fanny, did u see the pics!!!! This all be featured on her show...too much drama but can't wait. Then T.O's show is crazy Kita dating that married man. And 85's show is such a bore....i mean...boring. Only reason I still watch is because he is it. He is so full of himself its crazy.

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