Friday, August 20, 2010

More Shoes....Pt. 1

As you all know, I have a fascination with shoes. Buit whats funny is I HATE feet so much. Yucky!!. Well since I can remember, I have had a facination with shoes...I own about 100 pairs of shoes. Now out of those I only wear about 60 pairs monthly...I mean I switch up a lot and some of them just are just played out, but I can't seem to part ways with them. Any way I was searching as usual, decided to share some new loves and sites with ya'll :)

I enjoyed looking through the shoe catalog at, but my fave pairs were the blues....I know they aren't in season yet; but they are super gorgeous.

I will probably not be buying shoes from here though, not because I have anything against them, but because I feel as though they will not last on a my feet more than an hour....would I be able to take it? I guess you can't judge a blog by its shoe but most the these shoes are under $40.00...And I say you get what you pay for...
Forever blessed and never stressed

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