Saturday, October 16, 2010

Natural hair haul!

Ladies....Ladies!!!...and maybe gents too:).
I have finally found the time to post my haul of new products that'll be used to for my hair.
My box came Monday right after work. I started my chemistry project ASAP. I started mixing and making all kinds of concoctions; some worked, some didn't. But I'll get to that in another post.:)
What did I order exactly(L to R):
1 Dynamic Health Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with "Mother"---16 fl oz
1 African 100% Shea Butter---16oz
1 Nature's Alchemy 100% Pure essential Oil Rosemary---.5 fl
1 Heritage Products Castor Oil---16 fl oz
Nature's Alchemy Carrier Oil Sweet Almond---4 fl oz
1 Heritage Products Vegetable Glycerin---4 fl oz
1 Jarrow Formulas Organic Coconut oil---16 fl oz
1 Desert Essence Jojoba oil---4 fl oz
1 Lily of the Desert Organic whole Leaf Aloe Vera juice---32 fl oz
1 Jason Vitamin E oil---4 fl oz
1 Heritage Products 100% Pure Expeller Pressed Grapeseed Oil---16 fl oz

I really would like to say thanks so much for reading my blog. I do this for fun and for people who enjoy reading my blog. If I haven't responded to you doesn't mean I didn't read your comment just been pretty busy. But I appreciate you gals and guys so much.

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