Saturday, October 2, 2010

New hair Products

Hola Chicas

I went online browsing the other night for hair products and came across an item I've been wanting to try out. Online it was about $14 not including shipping and handling. And in order to get free shipping you usually have to spend between $40-75. Now unless you planned on spending that amount I found myself adding more and more products when in fact I just wanted one "Dr.Bronner's Magic Soap" in Lavender. Well after a while I gave up I'll find it when I find it. Lo and behold, yesterday I went to an African store looking for Shea Butter. And I turned and saw like a magical sparkle like in the movies. Dr. Bronner's products were fully stocked. And the price was $13.... :0. So excited. And also went to Walmart to purchase Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner. Haven't tried these yet. But I'm sure it will leave my hair feeling marvelous.
FOI(for our info): I found that Dr Bronner's soap can be used for many more things than just hair. Body, cars, pets,etc;

I was bored and decided to see what products work well together and what doesn't. I saw a video of a lady on YT using Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning cream and Eco Styler gel together. She got a big messy, clumpy disaster. So I decided to try it with my IC Fantasia Gel.

Below is what I got. The fact that they both contain similar products, I assumed they'd work well. Nope. And that big cottage cheese mess could have been in my hair. And when I washed my hands....eww a big cloudy mess. So the lesson of the day is to not mix any and every product or else your hair with look like my
Forever Blessed

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