Sunday, October 17, 2010

Protectant style numero 1!--Curly sew in

Me in mid-sew in

Hey ladies

Finally gotten to the point where I am annoyed with my natural hair. Nothing to do with it anymore except twist outs. Which is hard to do because the back of my hair is shorter than the front so that style wasn't really working. Plus my new growth is becoming so noticeable that it is unwearable for me to wear at work. I love my natural curl pattern so far though. Beforehand I washed my hair using a Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap mixture I made. It was my first time using it too. And I loved the way it felt when I detangled my hair. Very soft and easy to comb through. I then conditioned and Denman brushed my hair using my Nexxus Conditioner. Afterward I did a big no-no and went straight to blow drying my hair w/o deep conditioning it. I know bad of me but I was so impatient and really wanted to start sewing and until I get a hooded dryer 35-45 mins was not an option. But I did use my hair protectant treatment as a heat protectant from the blow dryer....which I did leave on low...I usually keep it on high.
After that I started yo sewing. Then I ran outta thread. Of course right! So today I finally finished my sew in. Not sure how I'm gonna style it yet, something cute. Gonna keep this for 2 weeks I hope. Then I'm gonna start wearing another protectant style, something just to keep my natural hair safe while its in transition.

really not sure about the styling :(

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